​​From an early age we have always been into photography.
Taking pictures of almost anything, not sure what we would get back when we collected my pictures after a few days waiting. Back in the day when it was just film there was no looking at a screen on the back of the camera to see what you have taken, you just had to make sure it was right before you took the photo.
So the passion for photography began.
Capturing peoples emotions and expression was the challenge. That challenge has never changed, just grew.
There's is something about looking at pictures that are taken at a point in your life that puts a smile on your face.
Freezing that one single moment in time, keeping the memories to look back on and share.

With this in mind we feel that we have come up with the perfect packages that we don't think any other wedding photographers offer

anybody else offers.

With photography we work as two photographers.
Why two do I hear you ask when some other photographers work on their own. 
The answer is simple, we can capture as much of your day as possible, from when the bride is getting ready with the bridesmaids, hey let's not forget the groom, often missed there are some great shots to be had here. The groom with the best man and the groomsmen getting ready and larking about as they do.
So while one photographer is with the bride the other is with the groom.
Then at the ceremony we can have one photographer at the front while the other captures the bride coming in and getting some great shots at the back of the church.
Then during the day taking some candid shots of you and your guest having a great time.
The whole day in a relaxed way at your pace. Never pushy.

So this is the bit that is different.
No doubt at your wedding your guest will also take loads of photos on their phone.
(We know this because they are in our way)
So what happens to the photos they have taken? well usually they will stay on their phones in the digital world, Just who will see them?
We have the answer. During the afternoon we will open our
Selfie Share.
This is where your guest can share all the photos they have taken on the day for everyone to see.

We will even print off some of the good ones and put them into a album for you.

Then in the evening its time for some fun in the Photo Booth. Offering an enclosed or open booth with loads of fun props.

For further information on these packages please click on the links above.

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